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I liked it. Very spooky! But slightly cute ( I don't if that was intentional lol)

But I filmed my playthrough if you're interested in watching! @10:40

Creepy lol. Had to play around to find the secrets! I played it in a video highlighting games from the game jam today!


Although the game is short it gave me  the chills and fear for unnecessary memes!

Great job! I wanna look forward for more!


Thanks! Funny the way you saw the game in the video 😂 really cool


Haunting! Amazing atmosphere and aesthetic. 


I really liked the wobbly text and heartbeat meter. It reminded me of a health meter with only one heart left. I didn't get the story though, I thought after the mom came to tell you 'everything will be fine' and you clicked Switch to Mom it was going to be another horror scene about what was happening while your mom was asleep (I didn't get the twist that the person telling you it would be fine  was not your mom). 


Found BOTH endings, and a few mixed routes to them.
I'm very, very tired... Can I say that?

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Wow, nice job finding both endings :D you got the trick

Pretty sweet! Is that the only ending?

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Thanks! There are two endings :)